Letter: Why destroy a neighborhood?

Bath Township will be voting on a proposed zoning amendment that is going to affect the entire Lost Creek Subdivision.

Lost Creek is an established, older, small, family friendly and quiet subdivision with hundreds of large trees lining its streets.

With their plan, the Bath Township Trustees want to circumvent current zoning procedures and all decisions regarding any future development will be decided by three trustees.

Call it “overlay”or “cloud,” they want and will rezone the frontage our quiet housing addition to a business level if this zoning amendment is not overturned. Their plan will permit businesses to buy, tear down homes, and destroy our safe housing edition.

Along the southside of 309 (Harding Highway) is Perry Township, where they have restaurants, businesses and hotels. However, the Perry Township side of Harding Highway currently has maybe 20 or more businesses that are closed and deteriorating plus acres and tracts of land for sale. But no one is buying or building there because the land/rent is priced too high; It is cheaper for a business to buy houses in our Lost Creek and build a business rather than repurpose anything on the southside of 309. Drive state Route 117 at 309 and then thru Eastgate and look for yourself.

There is available land and vacant businesses past Country Club Hills and there is a tremendous amount of Bath Township land available at the SR 81 and 1-75 corridor available for development.

We just want to keep our Bath Township Lost Creek residential area just that … residential.

Bath Township voters, please vote “no” on the zoning amendment.

Thomas Kiracofe

Bath Township


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