Letter: Be careful what you wish for

You Biden voters out there, have you really thought through what things will happen to this country if Biden wins?

He has said that he will increase taxes. He says only on those who make $400,000 or more, but these are the very people who invest and create jobs, maybe your job. These are the people who purchase the product that your job makes. This economy is all interrelated like gears meshing.

Remember how the country was during Obama-Biden? Slow or no growth. This is the result of high taxes and regulation which are things that Democrats do.

Democrats have not worked to increase your independence from government. This is not what they do. They seek to make you dependent. This is the government plantation.

Biden was asked about if he is considering packing the court and he replies that the people have no right to know. Really. The truth is he and the democRATS would pack the court. They are snakes and this is what snakes do.

Regardless we know that Biden is failing and sooner or later Biden will be removed and once he is out of the way, Kamala would be president. The Democrats and media have kept most of her beliefs out of view since the early Democrat debates but she has extreme liberal views.

How about decriminalizing drugs?

How about open borders?

Lest we forget, remember when all the Democrat candidates were on the stage they quickly raised their hands affirming that they would have free healthcare for illegals.

The Democrats will remake this country in the image of California with super high taxes, extreme regulation, unresponsive one party politics.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima


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