Letter: Donald Trump, a big hero?

Some people could benefit by reading and studying more. I would recommend starting with a copy of the US Constitution, a copy of the Mueller Report and any general history book.

I was dumbfounded when I realized how many people were unaware of what a “Gold Star Family” was in modern context. A “Gold Star Family” is any family member(s) that have lost an immediate family member in war. As a veteran, you can imagine my utter disgust, when I heard President Trump belittle a Muslim Gold Star Family in public shortly after they lost their son in Afghanistan. Trump’s constant belittling of John McCain, who spent five years in a Hanoi POW prison, was just too much for anyone that supports veterans.

And if Trump did in fact have five deferments, that means that five other people went to Vietnam in his place. Big Hero!

I am a lifetime registered Republican, a Christian and am vehemently against abortion.Trump’s biggest supporters are Evangelical Christians. Why? The argument I often hear is, “He’s such a good business man, I just wish he would stay off of twitter.” Multiple bankruptcies, a bogus college, starting off with a trust fund, being a pathological liar and not paying laborers doesn’t seem like a good business to me.

Finally, all of you talking about the Democratic party being Socialist, look at what the Democrats have gotten you over the years: 1935 – Roosevelt (Social Security); 1945/46 – Truman (Unemployment); 1965 – Johnson (Medicare); 1965 – Johnson (Medicaid); and most recently Obama brought the Affordable Care Act. This list is by no means comprehensive, and doesn’t broach issues like Civil Rights, but you get the gist. Not a bad record, if you ask me.

Barrie H. Courtney

Bath Township


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