Letter: Shameful loss of farmland

It is sad to hear that yet another block of farmland is going to be used to support a “might work” project.

Someone better take a look at what happens when the proposed solar farm bordering on Allen and Auglaize counties becomes as useful and cost effective as the windmills and panels in other states.

Our focus should be on the one source we in Ohio have that can carry us far into the future with less impact on our land — natural gas. No matter what we use to make steam, it works 24/ 7. There is no need for sun-wind or cubic land cover.

Past generations worked so hard to make that farmland in Allen and Auglaize counties useful for crop production. It is now being used for someone’s retirement instead of making sure the next generation carries on the work of the past.

The one good thing of being older is watching and helping my children carry on what my grandparents and parents provided for me. I hope they can enjoy the smell of tilled earth just like I have.

Steve Myers,



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