Letter: Letter: Oh, my! There’s a positive candidate

With all the political discord going on in this country these days, it’s very refreshing to see a positive officeholder shine through. That person I’m talking about is our current Allen County Commissioner Beth Seibert!

I’ve known Beth for 30 years, and in that time, I’ve never seen or met a more positive and hard-working individual. Beth see’s the positive in all people and knows the possibilities when we all work together for the common good. From her strong work ethic, growing up on the family farm, to her people skills and dealing with other government entities and private sector, working for the Allen Soil & Water Conservation District — Beth has the knowledge, energy, commitment to continue being a great county commissioner.

As taxpayers, don’t we want someone who will listen to us, be accessible, dedicated and represent us full-time? We have that with our current Allen County Commissioner Beth Seibert.

Please join me, and keep a great thing going, by voting for Commissioner Beth Seibert as your Allen County Commissioner for strong leadership and for a positive future.

Tom Sciranka,



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