Letter: Let’s examine ‘truth over lies’

I recently saw a Biden political sign that said, “Truth over Lies.” I decided to look at some of the lies.

Lie 1: Trump colluded with the Russians.

Truth: The Democrats spent three years and millions of taxpayers’ money and found no collusion. The only collusion was Hillary Clinton and the Democrats bought and paid for Dacia that even the New York Times called Russian misinformation.

Lie 2: Trump refuses to condemn the KKK and white supremacy.

Truth: Trump has repeatedly condemned the KKK and White nationalist. Regarding the Charlottesville incident he said, ‘There are very fine people on both sides.” The Left news media and the Democrats use this statement to say he would not condemn the racist, but they always leave out his next statement when he said, “and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalist – because they should be condemned totally.” Trump and his companies were praised by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton for race relations before 2016. It was only after he decided to run for president as a Republican that he “became a racist.”

Lie 3: Trump is responsible for the deaths from Covid 19

Truth: When Trump shut down travel to China one week after the first case was reported in the U S, Joe Biden called him a racist and fear monger. It was Trump who mobilized industry to make and get ventilators to states that needed them.

Lie 4: Blue collar jobs are gone and “won’t come back”

Truth: Trump said they will come back and went to work to persuade companies to bring back jobs. He worked to change trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, Japan and China.

Ron Horstman, Ottawa


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