Letter: I feel good about my choice

I am not writing to change minds, rather to remind readers of the human propensity to see “the world” through our unique “lenses.” Examining the life journey that brings you to today and shaped your behavior, thoughts, choices and other aspects of your life is your story.

2020 is my 13th Presidential election casting a ballot. Growing up with elementary school bomb drills, two brothers serving during Vietnam, Watergate – you get the idea. Honestly, my 2016 ballot was a choice between two imperfect candidates, one a known entity politically and one a complete “wild card.”

Four years later my story now includes the truth we have the first Commander and Chief who has worked harder, against unimaginable forces, to achieve essentially all his stated campaign goals. “Deep state” does not come close to describing entrenched, antagonistic bureaucrats in government, big business, big tech, and mainstream media who have endlessly attacked this man and his family. To top it off, the intrusion of socialist (communist) influence that started in the 1920’s has been an insidious movement with a long-term strategy. I won’t attempt to list the “gains” leading to today.

It’s time to vote – facing a stark choice – starker than any of my previous 12 Presidential elections. My vote this year is unequivocally for Donald J. Trump. Yes – he is a crass, tough New York disruptor who complained for years prior to running about useless wars, unfair trade deals, and the privileged political class that put themselves and their own interests before the American people. He is doing something about these undeniable truths. That is how I see it from the lens of my story.

Ruth Ann Stover, Lima


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