Letter: Beth Seibert has earned your vote

I have had the pleasure of working with Beth Seibert for the past 20 years, both in my position with the governor’s office and as president of the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center.

Beth has consistently displayed the knowledge and leadership skills required to be a very effective Allen County commissioner. I applaud her for taking on the challenge of running for office during this political climate. I applaud her for representing females in such a positive way, much like her mentor and former county commissioner Alberta Lee did when she served as the first female commissioner from 1990 to 2002.

Beth willingly stepped in last June and completed Commissioner Jay Begg’s term when he was unable to do so. In just the past few months, she has already displayed an in-depth understanding of the county’s operations, no doubt a talent she learned during her 36-year career with the Allen Soil and Water Conservation District.

Fostering collaborations and partnerships are her specialty. This is a gift we sorely need in the world today. I urge you to vote for Beth Seibert for Allen County Commissioner.

Judith M. Cowan, Lima


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