Letter: Would you do that?

Would you let your dentist mend your broken arm? I don’t think so.

Dawn Maag is running for Putnam County recorder and has no experience in this office. She would have to be trained at taxpayers’ expense. Elect Lori Rayle. She is the assistant recorder and has 15 years experience. Also, when others in the courthouse were trashing now Recorder Cathy Recker, Rayle took the high road and was complimentary toward Recker. This is a sign of fair and good management.

Other thoughts:

Looking for common sense, honest, and experienced Ohio Supreme Court Justices. Re-elect Justices Kennedy and French. They are fair-minded Republicans and are current on the law.

Would you hire a nursing home resident to prepare your taxes? Joe Biden thinks he’s running for the Senate. Like a dementia resident, he fondles other men’s wives when he gets the chance. i.e. Beau Berghdahl’s mother and Ash Carter’s (former SOS) wife. This happened in front of Obama and on TV. Instead, vote for Donald Trump, you might not like him, but what he does is sure likeable: lower taxes, against abortion, $2,000 more in each of our pockets, and he’s pro religion. He respects the soldiers, and cares for the common good.

Melida Bockrath, Ottawa


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