Letter: Vote for freedom

This is the first election I can remember where we should not vote for the person. This election we are voting for one of two cultures for the future of our nation. Don’t pay attention to what either candidate says. One will preserve our freedom, and we just have to look at who controls the large riot torn cities to know what the other party’s control will look like!

Regardless of how President Trump talks, he will preserve our great nation. Joe Biden will be completely controlled by Harris and her “merry” band of radical cutthroats, waiting to destroy our freedoms. Biden will be able to do nothing, without their permission. They are just using him to try to win the election because the radicals could not get enough votes. There are still local and state Democrats, but the national party has been taken over by radical socialists. Schumer said, “If we win, everything is on the table.” That encroaches our freedom of speech, freedom to protect ourselves and freedom of religion and all of which they will try to take away. They are already trying to destroy our rich history. Those statues should not offend anyone.

Their agenda will destroy the country. They want to reimagine the police. Just “imagine” it would not be safe for your wife to go to the store.

Biden thinks he will tax the upper class to support the middle class. They are the ones that give us our jobs. They will either move their plants overseas, or lay off workers, not hire more like he says. Vote for freedom!

Ralph Miller, Bluffton


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