Letter: Senior citizens need your vote

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed our once normal routines, and has affected most of us in some way. Our elected officials have struggled to maintain a balance between public safety and our individual freedoms.

It was recognized early in the pandemic that our senior citizens are an at-risk group, and many protections were implemented to protect that segment of our population. Many families with loved ones in senior living facilities have gone extended periods of time without physical contact, and understandably most visits must be in accordance with social distancing guidelines and while wearing a face mask.

Many seniors opt to live independently of the senior living communities, but still might need the utilize the services of an organization that exist primarily to improve the wellness of our senior citizens, and some of these organizations have been affected as a result of government mandates. These organizations provide many options to improve the quality of life of seniors by offering options to socialize, exercise, travel, counselling, adult learning, giving assistance to seniors that might need help with maintaining their residence, performing minor chores, and also providing transportation for shopping and medical services.

Vote for Renewal of the Allen County Senior Citizens Services Levy on the Nov. 3 ballot.

David Hinds, Lima


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