Letter: Judge Borer goes extra mile

We want the voters of Putnam County to know how much we appreciate Judge Borer, and all he has done for the juvenile/families in Putnam County.

We have all been fortunate enough to be part of the Saturday Make-the-Grade program which Judge Borer implemented several years ago. We have seen the difference this program makes for the youth who struggle academically and have witnessed the success the juvenile offenders have had in school.

Judge Borer has taken this program one step further by implementing a Life Skills component. This is helping the youth in many life-skill challenges they face today. Judge Borer has presented the youth with information on W2 forms/tax preparations and even set up a tour to a local bank. He has also made his appearance at the Make-the-Grade Program to check in on the juvenile offenders as well as meeting with all the teachers who work with the program to show that he cares!

There are countless reasons to vote for Judge Borer, but this prime example truly shows he cares. Please consider re-electing Judge Borer for Putnam County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge.

Lisa Benton, Chelsea Escamilla, Cynthy Kiernan, Melissa Meyer, Lori Liebrecht

Teachers of the Make-the-Grade program


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