Letter: Venue would be bad for Amanda Township

The property owners of 9095 Spencerville Road want to create a events/wedding venue (The Vandermark Estate & Events Venue). For this to occur the current property must be changed from an agricultural district to a B-1 business district. It’s a bad idea.

The rezoning was first reviewed by the Allen County Regional Planning Commission. It stated, among other things, the parcel was inappropriate for B-1 Business District as it “does not have access to public water via Allen Water District or sanitary sewer services as provided by Allen County or local political subdivisions.”

The Amanda Township Zoning Board held a public hearing in January. After reviewing the Regional Planning Commission’s report and hearing testimony, the zoning board unanimously voted no on the rezoning request. On February 26, the Amanda Township Trustees voted on the rezoning and were not in total agreement, denying the rezoning change. This resulted in the issue being placed on the ballot.

In 2019 Amanda Township had 61 traffic accidents, 19 (32%) of those reported crashes occurred at or near the intersection of state Route 117 and Conant Road. The large number of people coming and going from this venue will only increase accidents in that area.

It is clear this rezoning would affect some Amanda Township residences more than others. It is also clear that if this property is changed to B-1 Zoning the potential uses go far beyond what is intended or advertised today. It could become a restaurant, a bar or several other businesses allowed in B-1 zoned areas. It is important to keep in mind not only for current but future township residences so all can enjoy the country living lifestyle we currently have.

Kevin and Kaye Litsey, Amanda Township


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