Letter: Get ride of Electoral College

The debate of whether or not the electoral college should be abolished has been around for many years. It arose in the 2016 and it is arising again. The number of electors are based on state population, not the number of actual voters in the state. A lot of people believe that when you vote you are casting a vote for a candidate, but essentially you are casting a vote for an elector. Most states use the winner-takes-all system which means that all electoral votes are awarded to the popular vote in the state.

In a survey done by Pew Research Center in March 2020, 58% of Americans have said they are in favor of amending the constitution so that a nationwide popular vote replaces the Electoral College. The electoral college does not benefit the American people. Five times before has the President been elected from the candidate with the least amount of popular votes winning the electoral college votes.

I urge my fellow voters to contact our lawmakers about working with their colleagues in Congress to draft a Constitutional Amendment to change the way our presidents are elected.

Madison Bailey, Lima


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