Letter: Debate was a job interview for commissioner candidates.

On Oct. 13, candidates for Allen County Commissioner participated in a public debate sponsored by Lima Allen County Neighborhoods in Partnership (LACNIP). Thanks to candidates Republican Beth Seibert, Democrat Norm Capps, and Independent Dan Beck for responding to issues coming from the public. Also thanks to citizens presenting questions about budgeting options, diversity, economic development, leadership, and other important issues. An informed electorate is basic to citizenship and our democracy.

The event proved an intelligent respectful political debate about issues is still possible. This debate was made possible by LACNIP volunteers, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church allowing use of their Fellowship Hall, and involved citizens. This was all done according to mask and social distancing guidelines during a pandemic.

We especially thank the public for compliance with Covid-19 requirements.

The entire debate can be accessed online at YouTube lacnip and will be run on GTV2 community access.

John Schneider & Bob Friedman

LACNIP Board members


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