Letter: Bath residents — change is good

Bath Township voters have a chance to move forward as opposed to dwelling in the past. The trustees have put together a plan that even Mr. “no to everything,” Jim Jordan, would probably vote yes on (if he were a Bath resident).

You can remain cemented in the past, and wither away, or move forward positively just like HEM, in the story — ” Who Moved my Cheese.”

HAW left a message for HEM “If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct.”

Bath Township has used Zoning as a weapon in the past. They need to put aside those childish ways, move forward positively into the future, and use Zoning as a tool.

This change, if approved, will not take away anyone’s right to use a pre-existing House as a residence. That was a Hallmark of the past, when the Hollenbachers were in charge of things.

So, I urge the voters in Bath Township, to move forward positively, and approve the Overlay District.

Dinosaurs are extinct, do not become a dinosaur, accept positive change.

Change can be good!

David O. Smith, Bath Township

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