Letter: You can trust Rayle knows job

Lori Rayle started her job at the Putnam County Recorder’s office 15 years ago as a deputy clerk, working side-by-side with Recorder Cathy Recker. At that time Rayle and Recker were both new to the After working for eight years in the Putnam County Recorder’s Office, Cathy Recker appointed Lori Rayle chief deputy recorder. Rayles appointment to Chief Deputy validated the trust that Cathy Recker had in Rayle’s ability to assume full responsibility at the Recorder’s Office if and when needed.

Because of an illness Cathy Recker is not seeking election. Due to Recker’s illness, Rayle has had full responsibility for the day to day operational management of the Recorder’s Office for the past two years. Rayle was named chief deputy because of her work ethic, her ability to work with people doing business at the recorder’s office, her full knowledge of the Recorder’s Office, her ability to work with her staff and other courthouse employees and Rayle’s commitment, knowledge, dedication and training,

Anyone doing business with Lori Rayle at the Recorder’s Office is treated with the highest level of respect. Rayle’s knowledge is the key to clients’ questions being answered and documents being available.

Lori Rayle has done the job that Cathy Recker appointed her to do. Rayle has stepped up to the challenge; justifying the fact that Recorder Recker knew when she appointed Lori Rayle to the position of Chief Deputy Recorder she knew that Lori Rayle was, and continue to be, the right choice to take over the responsibility of being Putnam County Recorder.

Jan Miller, Ottawa


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