Letter: Lori Rayle obvious choice

The Putnam County Recorder’s Office has operated flawlessly during the current recorder’s long term illness and the unforeseen changes to doing business during the Covid-19 crisis. The person totally responsible for this flawless transition is the person in charge: Putnam County Chief Deputy Recorder Lori Rayle.

Lori Rayle’s leadership ability, her knowledge of the recorder’s office, her years of professional training and her ability to step up to the plate when needed speaks volumes for the person she is.

Chief Deuty Recoder Lori Rayle has the upmost respect and support of the courthouse staff, the public, legal professionals, state and local officials and her staff. Rayle has worked 15 years in the recorder’s office.

Dawn Maag has worked many different jobs …. none in the recorder’s office.

Dawn Maag’s associate degree does not have anything to do with the recorder’s office. She has worked in the legal field for insurance companies, judges and the prosecutor.

Dawn Maag is running on the Democratic Party ticket; Maag has not acknowledged the Democratic Party in her campaign literature, her bio’s or media pages.

Why ?

Dawn Maag might have billboards, the most signs, the biggest signs – what Dawn Maag does not have is experience.

Carol Fortman Bunn, Columbus Grove


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