Letter: Turn on lights, see who runs

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently stated the Russians are actively working to interfere in U.S. elections. Upon hearing this, Donald Trump questioned why Wray was picking on the Russians and said he would consider replacing Wray. Doesn’t that tell you something?

At a recent campaign rally in Ohio, Trump stated that “virtually no one” dies from the coronavirus. Shortly thereafter, the 200,000th death from Covid-19 was recorded in the U.S. As one lie after another flies out of his mouth, his followers will crowd into venues with no social distancing. Very few wear face masks, and if they died the next day, Trump would not lose one wink of sleep so long as his ego is satisfied.

Before being elected, Trump promised to show his tax returns as all of the other candidates did. He has fought tooth and nail to keep them private. What is he hiding?

At another recent rally, the crowd cheered when Trump made fun of NBC correspondent Ali Velshi getting hit by a police officers rubber bullet while covering a protest. Trump has good reason to dislike the media. Unlike his friends, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin, Trump has to contend with a free press, thanks to the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. After all, when the lights are turned on, the cockroach runs.

Victor Arnett, Lima


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