Letter: Voting for what’s right

The letter by Marion Edwards emphasized that policies are more important than personality; that actions are more important than words!

During President Trump’s first term, he has shown by his actions that he keeps his promises, despite strong resistance and personal attacks from the opposite side.

Those who choose to vote for the person,”moderate” Joe Biden, will also be voting for the more radical ideas of the Democratic Party such as: $4 trillion in new taxes, taxpayer funding of abortion, the green New Deal, and open borders.

Ending the electoral college would in effect take away the voting voice of Mid-America and give it to the larger-populated coastal states like California and New York — forever!

Their ideas of packing the Supreme Court with more Justices and granting statehood to DC and Puerto Rico would further expand the Democrat’s government control over those who are more moderate. That would further endanger our individual Constitution rights of free speech, religion, bearing arms, and the rule of law that are already being eroded.

Trump has shown that he is a problem solver and that he cares about the American people enough to protect the individual freedoms upon which our country was founded.

Trump deserves four more years!

Nancy Thieman, Lima


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