Letter: Voting for what’s right!

Recently The Lima News printed a letter from Marion Edwards. I read it and thought she did a good job expressing reasons for voting for Trump.

I realized I was voting for most of the same things, almost.

• I am voting for the Second Amendment. I believe in my right to own a gun, but I don’t need an assault rifle to defend myself.

• I’m voting for the Supreme Court. We need a moderate voice to offset the two extremes.

• I am voting for an end to the Electoral College. It no longer meets the needs of the American electorate.

• I am voting for law and order. No officer and no law is perfect. Police men and women deserve the best training and support to do what is needed. What is needed can change.

• I am voting for the military, but mostly the veterans.

• I am voting for the flag. Waving or displaying the flag does not mean respecting the flag.

• I am voting for the right to my opinion but to think carefully about the words I use. I will listen respectfully to others’ opinions. I promise not to denigrate the person who disagrees with me.

• I am voting for Joe Biden. I have voted for many Republicans over the years, when I believed in their decency, desire and ability to do good. No one party has all the answers.

• I am, finally, voting for the “person.” It is a sad some believe there is no one with strong moral character to lead this country.

Linda Chartrand, Lima

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