Letter: The nation’s No. 1 conman

Every Trump yard sign I pass reveals a trove of knowledge regarding the homes inhabitants.

The residents profess the belief that veterans are suckers for serving the USA. Trump has denied ever having said this, but it is in harmony with his comments regarding the late John McCain. Trump declined to attend a memorial service at Belleau Wood due to inclement weather. Why ruin an elaborate hairstyle to honor a bunch of dead losers? The credentials of the reporter of the Atlantic articles are impeccable — verified by none other than a Fox News correspondent and the AP.

I wouldn’t want to discourage your declaration of loyalty to Putin’s chosen one, but wouldn’t a legitimate leader denounce Putin’s offer of a bounty for dead U.S. soldiers? This revelation is now over two months old and Trump’s silence is deafening.

Juiced by daddy’s money, Trump dodged the draft, was admitted to college through artifice, bilked the taxman and contractors, chased skirt through three wives and won the last election with illegal assistance from a tyrannical despot.

But let’s give credit where credit is due. Trump is a conman of the highest order.

Marilyn Mackey, Lima


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