Letter: Trump, Jordan 2 grat choices

I have been searching for the truth in many of the letters from Never Trumpers which have been published lately in the Lima News. Unfortunately instances of the truth being stated in these letters are almost completely absent. The lie about Trump disrespecting our war dead which was denied by John Bolton (no friend of Donald Trump), and the ongoing lie that Trump said that there were good people in the Skinhead / Nazi Rioters which is disproved by watching the unedited video of his comments, are only two of the most egregious examples.

And yet the letters still come in, almost all are filled with the same old Democrat talking points. They are still trying to convince us that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in an effort to steal the 2016 election.

Other letters have been sent in opposition to Jim Jordan’s reelection. Jordan, one of the top conservatives in Congress and a truly great congressman from our district has been a true breath of fresh air in his defense of our president and his and our conservative values.

A Democrat victory would mean that they could papck the Supreme Court with additional progressive Judges, repeal the Second Amendment, ban private ownership of all firearms, and establish a one party socialist state which would be self-perpetuating and result on our country becoming a people’s republic like California, Oregon and Washington States are about to become.

I for one am not ready to see that become the fate of the country I love. I am voting for Donald J. Trump and Jim Jordon.

Kenneth E. Harris, Lima

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