Letter: Blue line honors police

I would like to expound on the recent photo of the Wapakoneta Breakfast Optimist Club painting the Blue Line on Auglaize Street in support of our local law enforcement officers. The caption reads,“Optimists painted a blue line to show its support for law enforcement.”

To clarify, the symbolism of the Blue Line on the street refers to the police protecting our streets and keeping them safe. It reminds us all of the sacrifices they make and lets our officers know we appreciate they are out there.

We felt this project was necessary due to all the negative media against police. We realize the vast majority of police do their job with professionalism and courage.

The Blue Line was intended to be a “low key” project, not to draw attention to our club, but to focus attention on the support our local law officers have from all of Wapakoneta. Our Optimist Club merely provided the labor and supplied the paint. I have attached a photo of the finished line.

It’s my hope other communities will add a Blue Line on their street as well.

Todd Meier, Wapakoneta


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