Letter: “Nero” fiddles while Rome burns

Does this sound familiar? It sounds like the help Trump is willing to give California, Oregon & Washington as they burn. Could this be because Rep. Pelosi lives in California. This government money is not his personal money account; it is what the people of this nation pay in taxes for the betterment of this nation. He’s choosing to ignore what is happening in the western states. At this point 3.1 million acres gone containing homes, businesses, and forests. We don’t know the people and animal counts yet!!

Just another move to keep the cayous going so he can steal the election that he’s scared he can’t win legitimately. Thank you Ms. Eley for your letter pointing out what most of us believe. Forest fires he chooses to ignore, marches he aggravates and riles up, his lies about anyone and everyone that don’t agree him!! He needs to hear “You’re fired” I’m sure he could understand what that means. Republicans in congress where are you? Are you so scared of your jobs that you won’t stand up to him for the nation your were elected to protect? You were all elected to help this country not P.O.T.U.S. Do your job, that’s what you are paid for !!

Stay safe and Healthy,

Louise Myers, Cairo


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