Letter: Potential demise of our country

When I was a sophomore in college, a professor in one of my courses made the statement that the most dangerous type of press was a free press. I felt like getting up and punching him in the nose.

Fast forward to today and what we have is a press that is impossible to believe. They are advocating about everything that wants to eradicate our form of government and beliefs. Fortunately, we have FOX news that is the most reliable.

An example of this is the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s about more than the fact that Black Lives Matter, which I support. I challenge you to go to their website and read their mission statement. It seems that they are against the American family, our traditional beliefs, policies which will destroy our economy and standard of living.

During my manufacturing days I was in West Berlin Germany, East Berlin being controlled by the Russian Communists.

On a Sunday I took a tour of Communist controlled East Berlin. The checkpoint that one had to go through was heavily guarded. When leaving East Berlin, the buses were subject to having mirrors positioned to look under the bus to make certain no one was trying to escape by hiding under the bus. All the stores had goods displayed in their windows but there was nothing the stores to buy. There was also a high wall around the city and anyone who tried to scale it to freedom was shot.

We must be diligent so that this type of government does not ever get implemented.

Trump is not perfect, but to vote against him will eventually destroy the last Democracy in the world.

Leroy Peters, Coldwater


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