Letter: Don’t just vote, be informed

There’s a reason that George Washington in his farewell address to Congress promoted a two-party system. It is part of the crucial “checks and balances” so fundamental to self-governing democracy. When a single party comes into control, there are no checks on graft and fraud. We are witnessing this at the state level where Larry Householder has built a political machine that has defrauded Ohio taxpayers of $60 million.

With one controlling party in state government, the Householder machine ran amok with bribery and “pay to play” schemes.

To a much lesser degree, we have witnessed similar events in Van Wert County. The county treasurer and auditor, who were both selected and strongly supported by the controlling party in Van Wert, were incapable of working together. The feud climaxed with the auditor entering the treasurer’s office after hours with a member of the controlling party’s central committee reportedly in the room. The treasurer has since resigned, and charges were brought against the auditor by an appointed Henry County prosecutor. Those charges were investigated by the Van Wert County Sheriff, a member of the controlling party, and the state. The grand jury moved to prosecute the case which has cost VW County taxpayers to this date over $100,000. A visiting judge from Green County, a longtime and powerful member of the same party, was appointed. That judge in turn dismissed the case without a jury trial on the basis of lack of evidence.

So what’s the point?

We are not suggesting someone vote Democrat or Republican. We are suggesting that an informed vote, based on more than a single ideology, is what the founders of the U.S. Constitution intended.

Al Arnold, on behalf of the Democratic Central Committee,

Van Wert County

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