Letter: Vote no, save Lost Creek

Lost Creek homeowners have obtained the needed signatures to place a referendum on the November ballot so all of Bath Township can vote and decide the future of Lost Creek, not just the three current and/or future trustees.

The trustees passed an overlay map and zoning plan that could change the whole frontage of Lost Creek from residential to business and result in the potential loss of 47 homes, unless Bath residents vote “no” on Nov. 3.

Bath trustees have used more than $10,000 of township funds since December 2018 to pay the Columbus firm of Brosius, Johnson & Griggs, LLC to develop amendments to the Bath Township zoning text and maps specifically for a State Route 309 Planned Corridor Overlay District. This area is from the east side of Saratoga to the west side of the Immanuel Baptist Church, 2575 Harding Highway, and is 100 to 400 feet back into the subdivision.

There is plenty of empty land on State Route 309 in Bath as well as empty businesses that can be re-purposed for development. Looking across at Eastgate and all of its empty properties, does Lost Creek really have to be sacrificed for a few out of town developers to possibly expand the Speedway station or bring in a strip of fast-food restaurants?

Hopefully in this November election, Lost Creek can count on Bath Township voters to vote no on the proposed zoning amendment and save and protect the Lost Creek residential neighborhood. In closing if this was your neighborhood, how would you vote? I am asking Bath Township residents, please vote “no” and support Lost Creek as if this was your neighborhood.

Ruth Hollenbacher,

President Lost Creek Neighborhood Association


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