Letter: The rest of the story …

This is in response to Diane Laratta’s letter of August 25, 2020 (“Trump is making America great”).

The letter listed positive things that President Trump has done for our country, as follows:

• The peace accord negotiated between Israel and the UAE. The accord has been negotiated but as of yet it has not been signed. As for other countries coming on board, that is yet to be seen.

• He said he’d build a wall to close the Mexican border (and promised that he would make Mexico pay for it—that payment has not happened). She stated that close to 300 miles have been built. From official records, the border is 1,954 miles long and only 194 miles of wall have been built with 178 miles of that just replacing existing barriers. There are only 16 miles of new wall.

• He cut taxes. That he did, but mainly on corporations. The tax cuts did very little to help middle and low income Americans.

• He closed the border to China at the end of January. He issued the order at the end of January but it did not take effect until in February. That closure did not affect citizens returning from China, or their families, spouses, legal immigrants and visa holders. So there were still hundreds of people coming in.

As Ms. Laratta stated “we who know the truth aren’t paying attention to you”!

Susan Walters, Lima


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