Letter: Comments don’t add up

In response to D. Laratta’s singing Trump’s praises, a few corrections are in order.

The peace accord between the UAE and Israel is unremarkable.

Both countries share a hostile adversary, Iran. They have been allies for several years. The accord is merely a formalization.

The vast majority of wall construction has been replacement. New wall construction is costing you (not Mexico) $30 million dollars per mile.

Since most drugs enter the US through legal points of entry, this is arguably not money well spent, unless you look unkindly upon persons of color.

Yes, trump cut taxes, but can’t recommend checking the dollar amount of the national debt, which has now exceeded the entire GDP.

The US has four percent of the world’s population but 25% of Covid cases. No advanced math skills required to find the ratio inordinately asymmetric .

I know It requires a Herculean effort to reason your way out of a cult, but give it a shot. Hope springs eternal.

Marilyn Mackey, Elida

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