Letter: Democrat now Republican

I was a Democrat supporter for many years. I wore my Dumb & Dumber Anti-Bush T-shirt to work and stood on my chair and rallied for John Kerry. I voted twice for Obama. But now, I am a Republican.

I did watch the Democrat’s Convention. I wanted to listen to the man that was once Vice President for eight years and has been involved in our government for 47 years tell me his strategy for transforming our “faltering” country into a great nation once again. I watched the selected “celebrities,” past presidents and first ladies tell me why Biden, who ran for president twice before, would be the better choice to be our president and a true leader for our country.

Instead, it was a “Trump Bash.”

The Democrat Party is not what it was 12 years ago. Most of the “moderate” Democrats are gone. It is now the hard left radicals and socialists who are in control of the Democrat Party.

I know what President Trump accomplished in his first term? Yes, Biden seems to be a safe vote because his name is familiar; he is portrayed as a “moderate” and you just don’t like Trump. But what is the Democrat Party’s vision of America? Democrat’s vision is: Socialism, taxpayer’s abortions, (Planned Parenthood endorsed him); gun confiscation (to take lawful citizens registered guns away); open borders, free healthcare & amnesty for millions of illegals.

I love my country, I served my country and I wish to keep my freedoms.

Paula Newland, Lima


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