Letter: Trump first; US second

I’ve always stated that if Donald Trump had a D behind his name instead of an R, he would be a despicable , lying degenerate Democrat.

We can only be thankful that so many prominent Republicans have spoken out against this wannabe dictator. People that see something more important than what is best for one man, they see a Democracy that is wavering before the world led by a man looking out for no one but himself. This was proven recently when he called for the boycott of an American company that employs over 60,000 Americans. He does that while wearing his China made MAGA hat as he spouts “America first.”

In the Republican led Senate investigation, it was determined that Russia aided the Trump campaign in the last election. The question that I’ve wanted to ask his supporters is, do they do that to make America great or is that to hasten America’s downfall?

He almost daily accuses fellow Americans of cheating in an election but has yet to confront Vladimir Putin on his election interference. Of the seven G-7 countries , he is the only one that calls for the reinstatement of Russia into that elite group of countries.

We all saw the young man at the DNC that had a major problem with word pronunciation because of his stuttering. We can all celebrate that it was Joe Biden that he ran into and not Donald J. Trump as we remember how he mocked a disabled news reporter. As 73 Republican National Security experts recently wrote about his dangerous unfitness to serve, are you for America or are you for that two-bit carnival barker?

Charles Thomas, Lima


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