Letter: Working with big budgets

Kevin Cox wrote a letter to the editor which appeared in The Lima News on Sunday, Aug. 16, for Allen County Commissioner candidate Norman Capps. In Cox’s letter he made the statement: “A person (Norman Capps) has handled budgets through his last work far in excess of anyone running.” Mr. Cox’s comment, probably unintentional, is not correct.

My annual budget while Sheriff of Allen County for 16 years was between $7 million and $9.5 million each year, which was approximately 30-35% of the Allen County general fund. That budget included 165 full-time employees in the law enforcement and corrections division, court security, regional explosive devices team, tactical team, investigative unit, sexual offender registration, multi-county drug unit, and several other specialty units.

I have much respect for my friend and brother Vietnam Combat veteran. Please do not consider this a negative attack on Norm, just a correction.

Dan Beck, Lima


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