Letter: Mailing in your ballot

The General Election is just around the corner, and I believe every Ohioan should have a chance to vote without risking their health and safety.

Secure dropboxes for voters to drop their ballots into help reduce risk, but currently there is only one dropbox per county. Adding dropboxes would ease pressure on the U.S. Postal System as well as help avoid the lines on Election Day that we saw during the primary.

Instead of acting on this issue, Secretary of State Frank LaRose has sent a letter to Attorney General David Yost asking for an unnecessary legal opinion on the status of Ohio’s dropboxes and if more can be added to places like schools and recreation centers. It has been weeks with no response. We are running out of time to install additional secure dropboxes. Other states across the country use secure dropboxes at various locations for voters, and it’s time for Ohio to catch up.

You can only vote using a dropbox if you’ve requested an absentee ballot — so don’t wait to apply. Visit IWillVote.com to request an absentee ballot for safe and secure voting.

Maura Johnson, Deshler


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