Letter: Kasich full of talk, no action

John Kasich, the former this and that of the establishment wing, swamp, of the Ohio Republican Party, made them proud. He stood up for John, as he always does; narcissistically. Well liked in Allen County and even C&E Committee selected him to win the presidency over Trump. Yet the forked road video for the Democratic Convention defined him well, middle of the road; untrustworthy. Indeed a swamp dweller; and you wonder why in my last letter I inquire if Ohio contributes to the D.C. swamp or we were just a jungle of our own?

Recall, we learned his empty promises for the development of business in Ohio. Associated cronies are in trouble for screwing over the honest hardworking men and women in the largest scheme in Ohio’s history. After his first unsuccessful bid for president, said he would never run again … but did coming in last place. Kasich positioned himself as the voice for elitists and other Democrats acting out their dramas as Republicans. So Johnny, from The Lima News Editorial, are you serving yourself? Or, is this personal attack on a sitting Republican president “thinking for yourself”?

So why should the Ohio Republican Party retain his status in the Ohio party? His staged agenda affects candidates down- ballot should people switch party ballots. Send a message; sanitize the establishment blue blooded Republicans in name only and show strength for the freedom over safety, limited government, and Bill of Rights supporting Republicans. I bet the state stays red versus the purple color it’s become. People might quit leaving Ohio.

Brian Cheney, Lima


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