Letter: Trump destroying our postal system

President Trump told us he needs to slow down the United States Postal Service because that is the only way he can win.

We , as citizens, of this country, need the Post Office.

Trump is trying to slow it down by taking the blue drop boxes from our cities. Does Trump care about us? He started unbolting the boxes in western states and hauling them away. He is also pulling the big sorting machines from the Post Office. He has ordered the removal of 600 big machines that sort the mail.

This is crazy.

The president is trying to bring havoc to our lives. We get important papers and drugs through the mail, but he only

cares to win the election. He will destroy the postal system to win the election and he cares nothing about our daily lives that depend on the postal system. He only loves himself. These are not the actions of a president who cares about the people.

Millie Ruen, Fort Jennings

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