Letter: Invitation for cars to speed

I am responding to the article in The Lima News about slowing traffic down on the west side of Lima.

Being a resident of West Market Street, west of Cable Road, I see this problem daily. One of the main problems is the 45-mile-per-hour speed limit sign from Eastown Road to the Beer Barrel on Market Street. In that three-tenths of a mile stretch, drivers coming from Eastown Road speed up to at least 45 mph and continue to speed down West Market Street in an effort to make the traffic light at Cable Road while it is still on green.

Why do we need a 45-mph speed limit in that small stretch? The same stretch on Elm Street is 35 mph.

Could we get the right agency to step up and change West Market Street to 35 mph like it is on Elm Street? I think this would be a good start to slowing down traffic from that stretch of West Market Street.

Dave Busick, Lima

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