Letter: Capps good fit for commissioner

I was surprised that someone would think a township trustee wouldn’t be an ideal candidate for the commissioner’s office. To review, I believe Sam Bassitt , Bob Mayer and the late Dan Reiff had held the office of township trustee prior to being elected county commissioner. At present, Commissioner Sneary was a former township trustee.

I am familiar with Norm Capps, a township trustee for over 14 years, and feel he is the most qualified candidate for Allen County commissioner. In time of uncertainty, it only adds to the reasoning that Capps is the right choice.

I urge you to examine the candidates’ credentials. A person that has handled budgets through his past work, far in excess of anyone presently running. Fourteen years’ experience as township trustee. One familiar with the importance of agriculture, being a farmer himself, and a proud veteran of the Vietnam War, serving our country.

I have worked with Norm Capps and have seen his dedication to the people he represents. I will be voting for Norm Capps for all the reasons above.

Kevin Cox, Harrod


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