Letter: America needs Donald Trump

Larry Donaldson’s preaching that President Trump is a jerk is nothing new to most. This country needs a non-liberal jerk to run it to facilitate navigation among the leftist and internationalist jerk politicians in DC and the Communist jerks in China. What Democrats need to do is take their own party to task as to why …

• Racial conditions in Democrat run large cities (9 of top 10, 16 of top 20, 35 of top 50) are no better, maybe worse, than those in cities run by other parties.

• The DNC resisted their employees desire to unionize.

• They are warring against unions and other American workers by wanting to allow millions of unvetted, unregistered immigrants to freely enter the US and take American jobs, for a fraction of the compensation, tax free.

• They failed to take actions to slow down imports and bring back manufacturing, resulting in the “jerk” having to do so.

• They regulate and tax employers out of manufacturing.

• They give worker retirement plan contributions to non-retirees and foreigners.

• They ignore the major cause of American poverty – half of all births, including nearly three-fourth ethnically, are to mothers not married to the fathers, causing much financial and child rearing stress on the mothers.

• Their hearts are so hard that they can support, promote, and facilitate butchering babies, with a clear conscience.

• Their beloved former president’s 2300% net worth increase ($3 million to $70 million) in 11 years is not questioned, even though reported income in eight of those years averaged much less than $1 million.

Larry, has your “free press” attacked any of these issues like they attack Trump?

James Powell, Lima

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