Letter: Keep an eye on Russia

In 2014, American Intel was informed by a Russian informant that Russia intended to do a massive cyber attack on our 2016 elections. Russian’s entered our country under false pretense and passports. Using malware infiltrated voter registration, state auditors, politicians, special interest groups, news media, their commentators … the list goes on and is long.

They shipped the info to other Russians around the world making it extremely difficult to track. Russians were under surveillance.

In 2016, both campaigns were briefed and instructed to notify the FBI if contacted or anything unusual or suspected activity. During surveillance of Russians, Trump associates showed up at a meeting. The FBI expected a phone call, none came and the meetings continued with campaign and associates. Eight associates of Trump were prosecuted, one Russian, 38 outstanding warrants for Russians, others redacted.

I read the Mueller report to investigate myself. There was no embellishment and the only opinion expressed was how extremely vulnerable our country is to cyber attack that has been massive, deep and destructive and that immediate action by our government needs to be taken and taken seriously fast. I seriously suggest we start reading reports, court filings, rulings etc. ourselves and depend less on others.

Susan Ebbeskotte, Lima

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