Letter: Say ‘yes’ to Trump 2020

The Democrats are a grave danger to America as we have known it. Their goals would change the United States forever. If you have been listening to Democrats, you know they would increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court and the lower courts if they take control of the presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

They would increase the number of states by adding Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Guam. They would eliminate the Electoral College. They would reduce the power of the presidency. They would change the Constitution. They would reduce the power of the president to fire cabinet members and those who oversee the FBI, IRS, DOJ, State Department and others. They would increase the power of special counsels. They would increase the power of the legislature and we have seen where that would lead as we watch the current House of Representatives as they have been taken over by socialist radicals.

The United States is a finely balanced machine with checks and balances that the Democrats would undo in their favor

probably forever. The Democrats have a constituency of people who are like children, always wanting more without the

corresponding responsibility and without regard for consequences. These people are emotional and without reason. We see them rioting in Seattle and other cities.

I wonder if the people of Venezuela are happy as things have turned out in their country under socialism. A country that was once the richest country in South America. How long did it take to throw that away for a subsistence life of eating out of garbage bins. Are they sorry now? Say YES!

Trump 2020.

Phillip C Sellati, Lima

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