Letter: Hands in the cookie jar

I asked the question, “Where’s the money coming from for all of these “freebies”?”

Then I read in The Lima News:

Third quarter borrowing: $947 billion, but that’s O.K. It’s better than 2nd quarter borrowing, an all-time high $2.75 trillion.

Back to question No.1. Where’s all the money coming from?

Fact: The USA doesn’t make money. They “print” money. We the people give them our money to spend at their discretion.

Who’s our “buddy” that is “lending” us all this money? And who does it seem that we/USA is so close to that we don’t question the fact that they are paying to have our U.S. solders killed? Just asking. Many unanswered questions!

Seems like we found the money to build “the wall” between us and Mexico with “other” government money…from what account?

Maybe it’s just the old stand-by account. Social Security as it seems that account is funding many other “ventures.” Of course it will be with the understanding of paying it back later. When is later and with how much interest? Enough to cover what it is losing by your overspending?

Kids be on the look out, the money you are “giving” for your retirement may not be there when you need it.

Somebodies gotten into your “cookie jar”. Just saying. I’m on my “way out”. You’ll have to be watching. Good luck.

Louise Myers, Cairo, Ohio


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