Letter: Trump needed more than ever

In an election year that will decide if the United States stays a free nation or becomes just another failed Socialist state, the Mayor of Lima and our Local UAW have chosen sides with the Socialists. I use the term Socialist loosely as it can also describe the hard-core Communists and other Radicals that make up today’s Democratic Party.

The Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College, repeal the Second Amendment, modify the First Amendment, and pack the Supreme Court with enough liberal judges to insure that their freedom killing programs will always be protected.

The first thing the Socialists did when they came into power in Venezuela was to ban and confiscate all firearms. Socialists may come into power by a vote, but they keep that power with the barrel of a gun. That is why Beto O’Rourke has been slated to be Biden’s gun czar if he wins.

If the Democrats win the Presidency, keep the House, and capture the Senate, they will forge the chains of Socialism that we will most likely never be able to break.

Biden is incapable of governing our country. I am sure that the Democrats are planning to invoke the 25th Amendment shortly after any Biden Inauguration and we will be saddled with his vice president.

The only salvation for our country is a victory by President Trump in this coming election.

Kenneth E. Harris, Lima


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