Letter: Township trustees know ins, outs

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor saying Norm Capps was seeking the commissioner’s position above the “meager seat as a township trustee” he now holds for fame.

The township trustees are the staple of local government.

They are involved in the issues and finances of their township. They work with economic development on concerns of creation and retention of job and tax base in their township. If anything, being a township trustee is a good step into being a county commissioner.

Calling a township trustee a meager position leaves one to encourage further exploring the responsibilities of a township trustee.

I believe Norm Capps, a Perry Township Trustee, has worked with the different county entities in both bringing business and industry to Allen County, along with keeping the township fiscally sound, despite the state previously taking funds and now the present virus effects on our economy. I will be casting my vote for a township trustee familiar with those responsibilities and has functioned in a professional manner.

You can check Perry Township on business startups and its financial stability in the last 14 years he had held that office. Norm Capps is a solid choice for Allen County Commissioner.

Frank Lamar, Lima


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