Letter: Importance of history

The past cannot be changed, but we can learn from mistakes made in the past.

We are not guilty of the sins of long ago and yet there are some deceitful and ill-informed that would have us believe we are.

There are groups who state some elements of our society cannot make it without additional monetary assistance. In essence, they would have us believe some people do not have the capacity to excel or compete in this country. With this I state hogwash. There is no race or creed of individual who lacks the ability, tenacity, and intelligence to fulfill their dream, whatever that may be. We are only hindered by self-indulgent forces which tell us differently and promote dependency on government. This reliance is in fact the greatest force of servitude and creates a hindrance to enactment of pride in self-esteem and God given natural ability.

We have two major parties with very distinct differences of opinion. One projects optimism seeking a brighter, safer, and more fulfilling future for us and our children. The other promotes a society of doom and gloom with destruction of ideals handed down by the founders of our Constitution.

It is our choice, our destiny and our very sacred duty to promote and protect our nation from elements of the mob which is bent on destruction of our principles. Yes, some men have committed atrocious acts, but also opened new worlds crossing a turbulent sea of vast, stormy and uncharted water on tiny ships of wood. There was an individual of long ago who said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” Perhaps we can learn.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta

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