Letter: Cure for what ails you — not

Lately we’ve heard President Trump as well as a number of other Republican politicians pushing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment and/or cure for COVID. For many this is puzzling. Haven’t recent studies shown hydroxy is at best useless as a treatment for COVID and at worst can do the patient real harm? So what gives?

Here’s what. It’s no secret that Republican politicians primarily serve the interests of the one-percenters. Right now that constituency is unhappy because a large portion of the other ninety-nine percent is not going to work for fear of catching the virus. If the low-wage workers don’t work, the one-percenters don’t make that big money. The challenge the Republican politicians face, then: How to allay the fears of the working classes and get them back to work?

So here’s what they’ve come up with. They say to the plain people of America, “Don’t be afraid to go to work, folks! If you do and catch the virus, well, we’ve got plenty of this wonder drug, hydroxychloroquine, ready to prescribe to you. It will fix you right up — really it will! Cross our hearts and hope to die!”

But of course this is pure snake oil. These politicians know all too well that, as far as treating COVID is concerned, a handful of hydroxy tablets would be about as effective as a handful of Tic-Tacs. Yet they’ve decided to play the public for fools.

This strategy goes beyond cynical. It is downright evil.

Kelly Anspaugh, Ada


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