Letter: Things that need changed

Many young people are misguided with a mob rule mentality that is destructive to America’s freedom.

Media reports are one-sided. Black killings by black police are seldom reported. There’s no national outcry from family or protesters.

I’ve sold guns and have seen the changes in toy guns. Toy factories are responsible for the outcome of how toy guns are used. You can only tell between a real and toy gun by holding or examining it. Criminals paint the orange tip (if it has one) black. Children are killed when not handling guns responsibly and individuals who are defiant towards police. You don’t fight or mess around with police because this endangers their lives and yours. Some police policies need to change but tough policies are there because society has changed.

Democrats: Stop causing racism and promoting hate. Stop brainwashing the youth with socialism. When the young people allow their jobs and ego go to their heads, others pay the price for their actions.

Young people look at your peers. Get tough on them, to change the outcome If this doesn’t change then no peace in society will come. Don’t let your ego control your life. When you do, you are edging God out.

Sue Brady, Lima

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