Letter: Be the solution, not the problem

It is so shameful what the liberals are doing to this country. They are tearing down statues and they don’t even know the history behind most of them. They should spend time trying to make our country better, but not the way they are going about it.

They need to learn self respect. Burning businesses and writing with paint on buildings only defaces the property and looks horrible. We have freedoms, but we must respect the right of each person. Stop and take a breath and calm your selves down and learn to respect others.

Let our president do his work for our country. He is doing a fine job. We need police to keep protection for each one us from harm and from the criminals. There are a few bad police but this does not mean they all are bad.

Follow the old saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When you have so much hate it only festers inside you to make you worse. Learn how much better it is to smile and say hello to someone. A start in trying to calm down America, can come from the media and the journalists for newspapers. Tell the true unbiased story and stop your ramping on trying scare people.

Make America great again. Learn to love one another we are all created equal.

Mary Norman, Lima

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