Letter: Column shows need for change

Why would Don Stratton, author of Tuesday’s (6/23) “Guest Column,” produce a 2007 complaint (#01610509) wherein George Floyd is “tentatively identified” as the one, of five participants, who “pulled the pistol into her abdominal area” during a robbery of a woman in Texas?

In his manner so doing, Stratton equates Floyds armed robbery with that of Floyd’s murder by police. Then, to further inflame the hearts of bigots, Stratton pronounced Floyd’s victim as pregnant, though unmentioned in that complaint.

That Stratton, the former LPD inspector who “developed,” “implemented,” and “taught” the LPD multi-hour course “to combat racial stereotyping” for training local police — while denying the existence of systemic racism — itself speaks for the need for police system overhaul.

Lyle Henry, Bluffton


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