Letter: Anti-science amuck!

Popping up all over Ada are yard signs reading “Ada School UNMASKED” and beneath that “#mykidsmychoiceADA.” (The hashtag “#mykidsmychoice” is borrowed from the anti-vaxxer movement. Not surprisingly.)

So I guess the idea is that we should not only re-open Ada school this fall regardless of the state of the COVID-19 pandemic but also we should send the kids to school without any PPE at all, not even masks? Is that the idea?

They may be your kids, but no, it’s not your choice. You don’t have the choice to send your kids to school without masks if there’s a high probability they will become infected with the virus and then carry it out into the community, infecting the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions — those for whom the virus is highly lethal.

No. It’s not your choice to willfully turn your children into little Typhoid Marys (or Larrys, as the case may be) and thereby threaten my life and the lives of my family members. That’s not your choice.

If you want to pretend that COVID-19 doesn’t exist, that’s your choice. But then keep your kids at home and school them there.

If you do choose to home school, though, I recommend you hire a tutor to teach the kids science. You appear a little shaky in that area.

Dr. Kelly Anspaugh. Ada


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